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Fallout: Equestria, Worlds Collide
The gunshot rang out across the canyon as the Zebra's body slumped and fell into the crevass he was scouting, one less Remnant stalking these hallowed grounds and one less bullet in my saddlebag. The spent case falling to the ground as I chambered a new round.
"You are quite the sharpshooter, Trueshot. Your mark betrays your ability," she said, referring to my 'explosive .308 round' cutie mark as I picked the case out of the dirt and replaced it in the leg-wrap with the others.
"Well ya do know everythin' 'bout marks dontcha, Canaan?" Okay, that might have sounded a bit rude.
"Too much, one might say..." the unicorns eyes cast down at the bandages covering her body as well as the five .45 auto pistols she carries. Returning her gaze to me she continued, "Though it would seem mine are nothing compared to one that you must carry."
"I don't want to talk about that right now," annoyance rising in my voice, "we need to keep moving if we're gonna corner Fields Ablaze at the back of the canyo
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Garett Nyhoff
United States
Think I'll put this here too, for anyone interested. ;y
I try to check this site everyday so if you want to commission something just message me here or on my tumblr
(or FA @ NovaSurge)

Bust: Head and upper torso,
-Sketch =$3
-Line =$5 (may include light coloring)
-Full Color =$7 (may include light shading)
Medium shot: Bust w/ full upper body and partial lower body,
-Sketch =$7
-Line =$10 (may include light coloring)
-Full Color =$15 (may include light shading)
--Extra characters +$2 ea.
Full Body: Implying that this isn't exactly what you think?
-Sketch =$10
-Line =$15 (may include light coloring)
-Full Color =$20 (includes shading)
--Extra characters +$5 ea.
Chibi: Like full body but smol
-Monochrome =$10 (eyes will be colored)
-Full Color =$12
--Extra Characters +$3 ea.


Any Questions? Feel free to ask, and I'll answer when i can!


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Fallout: Equestria, and all its affiliates, are awesome. just so you know.